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Achieving optimal health in both body and mind has been Tasha’s lifelong passion. Tasha believes that Yoga can go beyond physical exercise to help people achieve a deeper ‘mind-body connection’.


She fuses ‘Prana’ (life energy) yogic techniques with evidence-based Strength and Conditioning approaches to help people achieve states of fitness, vitality and well-being they might have previously thought impossible!


Tasha holds a Bachelors degree in business development and Masters degree in management, but a serious car accident shortly after her studies forced her to reassess her career trajectory. Through a prolonged period of physical rehabilitation following the accident, she discovered yoga as an excellent aid in her physical and mental recovery. She therefore decided to augment her extensive personal experience in the practice of yoga with rigorous training and now holds certification as a fully qualified yoga instructor from the prestigious Sivananda School.


Tasha’s Yogic philosophy is to teach and design classes that are tailor made to her client’s levels of fitness, motivation and flexibility. She also incorporates meditation into her sessions, which means that clients leave the gym with a deep sense of wellbeing!


Tasha is certified to conduct Personal Training, Morning Workouts, Evening Activities and Extra Group Activities at DARA. she also enjoys supervising clients on weekend excursions.

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