Teacher bio

Hi beautiful,


I am Dijan. I am glad that we came in touch.


A few words about my journey.


I entered the world of Tantra and Yoga Therapy because


I wanted to take charge of my own health and my feminine being


I yearned for a more profound and harmonious connections in my relationships


I was seeking for a flow which integrated my many sources of inspiration


I trusted in the possibility of a closer connection with nature to nourish my body and soul


I was looking for a more profound happiness and well-being


The list can continue…


I immersed myself fully into this quest since early 2012. The trigger was a `down` period in many areas of my life. I took a distance from my rather successful career as a consultant, my social circle, my `belongings`…


Since then every teaching I came across with allowed me to discover many hidden treasures to address all those problems and go way beyond.


Shakti, the feminine energy is made to be chaotic and wild. The search for balance and harmony is a continuous work, but with many rewards. I am a student forever and I am an enthusiastic teacher passionate to share all those intense experiences and teachings with other women.


I believe life can be experienced in a very juicy, playful, rich and loving way. The more we open up to life inside and out, the more we can serve others around us with our light.


Rasa Lila by Dijan is a project I developed for this purpose; it is a synthesis of all these teachings and experiences for serving other women on their journey through life.


What do you Teach?

Hatha yoga, Transformation, Meditation, Nutrition

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