Teacher bio

Fashion designer, yoga instructor, holistic nutritionist and life lover, I'm a proud #mexicana living in Vancouver B.C.


I love to explore, wander and take all life in. As beautiful, messy & imperfect as it is. I try to find meaning in my days and grow from the darker moments in the best way I can.


I find my happy from experiences and moments that take my breath away. Getting lost in nature, connecting with friends and family, traveling, exploring the unknown.

Yoga came to my path in 2009 and I've been a student & practitioner ever since. Trying to embody all aspects of the practice, Yoga has inspired me to live a conscious life and it's taught me to be strong, flexible, courageous, compassionate and accepting both on and off-the-mat.


I became a yoga instructor in 2012 and have been seeking to inspire my students the same way my teachers inspired me ever since.


I've had the fortune to study with amazing teachers and come to know beautiful, magical places in the path. I try to learn from every soul that meets my way and every experience that comes to me.

I believe in creating our own path and following our true nature.

I believe that by really knowing ourselves, connecting to our inner rhythms, embracing, loving and accepting all that we are, our darkness and light, and using movement, good food, meditation, and positive practices, we are capable of creating the life and relationships we want.

When did you start practicing yoga?


Where do currently teach?

Vacnouver Corporate Yoga

Favourite Retreat Locations