Yoga Retreat in Spain

Sha Wellness Clinic

SHA is a pioneering wellness clinic dedicated to improving people’s health and well-being through a fusion of ancient oriental disciplines and revolutionary western techniques. The main areas are the Método SHA, based on an intensely purifying, well-balanced diet that follows the main principles of macrobiotics adapted for modern times and combined with natural therapies; the SHA healthy_ageing, which is capable of slowing down the ageing process and preventing illness through the application of the most advanced techniques; and the aesthetic medicine unit, which enables us to achieve outstanding results on both body and face using non-invasive techniques. All SHA’s programmes and treatments are created and supervised by world renowned experts including the eminent Michio Kushi, the world leader in modern macrobiotics.




The sea surrounds us in Punta del Hidalgo – the small, advanced headland in an almost forgotten corner of the island of Tenerife. The rush of the sea accompanies you during your stay at the OCÉANO Hotel Health Spa throughout the day. We dive into the seawater and relax our limbs. Salt air cleans our lungs. Our mind becomes quiet, when we look towards the west where the horizon dissolves in infinity. True luxury is the freedom to be yourself. In one of the best hotels in the Canary Islands, we give you the opportunity to do so. Welcome at the sea!



Cugo Gran

Cugó Gran is the only 5 star hotel to feature in the agrotourism category in Menorca. It is a stunning private country house offering luxury accommodation, with 12 superbly equipped bedrooms in both the house and its charming converted outbuildings. The house boasts a large porch leading into a bar/sitting room and dining area and on the ground floor, and a comfortable spacious sitting room with lovely views across the sea and countryside on the first floor. Set in 250 acres in the heart of the Menorcan countryside, Cugó Gran is close to the village of Sant Climent, Menorca’s airport and the amazing caves Cova den Xoroi.

This luxury country house has been lovingly restored, combining many of its traditional features with cutting edge interior design. A 5 star boutique hotel with 5 star services, plus the privacy and exclusivity of a private house in fabulous grounds. It is the perfect setting for large family holiday gatherings, special birthdays, luxury retreats, corporate breaks or sensational weddings. In 2017 it won the “Fully Serviced Luxury Villa of the Year” award in the Corporate Travel Awards.



Cal Reiet

Neither a luxury hotel or an ashram: Cal Reiet is a holistic retreat offering its guests a unique holiday experience.

The garden of Cal Reiet is truly unique and magical. It is the very heart of the estate; a stress free zone, which allows for peace and tranquility. Find your own hidden corner for a moment of contemplation and meditation, or seek out a shaded area to enjoy a good book or a nice conversation.

Cal Reiet a house of friendship- a place for like-minded travelers and locals alike to meet, connect and share experiences. It is an oasis away from everyday life where you can rejuvenate, grow and reconnect with your true-self. Aims to create a magical place, where guests can find inspiration, joy and harmony within.



La Crisalida

Perhaps you want to kick-start a healthy lifestyle, practice or learn yoga, need time out from a busy stressful life or want some quiet time for yourself. If so, then La Crisalida Retreats is the place for you. On the beautiful Costa Blanca in Spain, we offer you a complete all-inclusive package for your health and well-being, combining yoga, detox, life makeover workshops, meditation, walking and relaxation. Combine all our retreats or follow one stream, it’s your choice.



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