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  • Sabrina have been living in Hong Kong for 10 years working in the corporate industry, and spent most of her free time travelling around Asia, diving, exploring the wonders of the underwater world and became a scuba instructor - teaching during weekends to share my passion. During the years spent in Asia, I have been privileged to study with a wide variety of well-known Freedivers and Yoga instructors. Like most beginners, I have started Yoga to get in better shape and to get a balance with my stressful corporate job. Yoga has changed my life and I really believe that it helps you to be stronger physically, mentally and can help you make changes in your life. My approach to yoga is straightforward. I have a daily consistent practice and focus on the foundation: proper alignment, breathing, awareness and being present. It is not the pose which counts, it is the journey to get there. I desire to challenge my students in a joyful, peaceful manner. I don’t expect perfection, but want my students to try their best in a caring and nurturing environment!


  • Matt is a master freediver instructor. Trained by former world record holder Lotta Ericsson, Matthieu worked in Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines before joining La Casa Surya in Tulum, Mexico. As well as being an experienced Freediving Instructor, he is also a Crossfit coach, a Scuba Divemaster and an Underwater Photographer! He loves depth training, and his favourite discipline is Constant Weight Bi-Fins (CWT), diving at the moment - 70m. He has started freediving competition in 2018 and would be happy share his experience and tips to improve your freediving skills.

"I have always loved nature, wildlife, animals... The exploration of the underwater world came naturally in my life. First, as a scuba divemaster, where I specialized in underwater photography. I really enjoyed it, but it felt like something was missing.
I have started to do more and more snorkeling and shallow freediving, following amazing athletes like Guillaume Nery, until that day when I decided to switch completely to Apnea.  Then, I trained a lot, passed all my levels quite fast and started to go deeper every week. I have discovered something totally new - a feeling and an excitement that was hard to describe, a feeling that I found only in freediving. 
It felt like an evidence. I became instructor and I worked in Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines, where I had the chance to meet and learn from amazing people.
Now in Tulum, Mexico, I can truly mix all my freediving interests in an incredible way. Diving the cenotes is a wonderful and intense experience, deep or shallow, photography is very interesting and challenging and the caribbean sea is rich and beautiful. I feel lucky to be here, and I hope to offer my students the best freediving experience that I can!"

Where do currently teach?

Tulum, Mexico

What do you Teach?

Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Yin yoga, Other

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