• Joe from the UK
    January 17, 2019 at 2:42 pm

    Wow, what can I say. We had an absolutely wonderful experience.

    My partner and I visited Tulum in November and were looking to do some Freediving. We did our research and came upon La Casa Surya.

    We spent three days with Mat and Sabrina being trained in both freediving and Yoga/relaxation techniques. For us this was really important as it was the complete package and not just about ‘freediving by numbers’.

    The Yoga sessions were very practical and relevant to Freediving and included stretching for freediving as well as breathing and general relaxation techniques. Sabrina’s style of emphasising correct body posture and positioning is fantastic as it really allowed us to get the most from the sessions. Sabrina was also able to apply her skills developed from her Thai massage expertise to help us relax while doing of static apnea.

    We then progressed onto open water sessions in a variety of amazing Cenotes, and lagoons. The water visibility is amazing, and the ambience of the cenotes is quite spectacular. Best of all the cenotes were at most 25 minutes’ drive from La Casa Surya. This is really important as you can spend more time freediving and less time driving.

    Having spent some time freediving in other countries under different styles of instructing we felt that the approach taken by the La Casa Surya team was very refreshing. The emphasis was placed on enjoying yourself, rather than pushing for numbers all the time. After all, if you aren’t relaxed and enjoying freediving then why do it.

    We thought that Matt’s instructional style was one of the best we have seen. Super patient, fun to be around, and a great knowledge of the under-water life. Not to mention a handy underwater photographer. Matt’s ability to explain some of the more complicated physiological aspects of freediving in simple terms, really helped to aid our understanding and learning on the subject.

    We spent a wonderful three days with Sabrina and Matt, and would thoroughly recommend them and La Casa Surya to anyone who is looking to improve their freediving skills or simply relax, detox and be part of wonderful natural worlds that Tulum has to offer.

  • JiaJia
    January 17, 2019 at 2:44 pm

    Amazing personalized training with Matt and Sabrina

    Honestly this was the best training I’ve ever had, the training location is just unbelievably stunning and peaceful. Free diving in cenote is very different from and much more pleasant than diving in the ocean, the water is clean and fresh, there’s no wave at all. Cenotes are always very different from each other, so you are always experiencing new scenery no matter you are training or fun diving.

    Matt and Sabrina are super nice, they are also amazing coaches, they help you find and correct your weaknesses and help you push your limit a little more.

    Highly recommended for anyone. If you are a free diver, try La CAsa Surya out! If you’re just visiting Tulum or even Cancun, try free diving with them, this WILL change your life.

  • Anonymous
    January 17, 2019 at 2:48 pm

    Casa surya is a beautiful welcoming center and community, I felt so safe, welcomed and comfortable there

    Sabrina’s pup Taia is so adorable and friendly…. and Sabrina is absolutely amazing and talented I loved training with her and would not change my intro to Freediving in any way.

    Sabrina was the best instructor I could have found, she made me feel comfortable and really gave me all the attention I needed to learn my skills.
    She is very down to earth and easy to talk to, and extremely helpful and knowledgeable….. if you want a very beautiful experiance for your trip or even just quality professional training la casa surya is a great place.

    Sabrina is very dedicated and passionate about what she does and that shows through her knowledge and training process, you definitely are getting a worthwhile experience with casa surya!

  • Nathan from Aus
    January 17, 2019 at 2:49 pm

    Experience of a Lifetime

    My partner and I came to Tulum with taking a freediving course in mind and we decided to book a beginner’s freediving course with La Casa Surya. It was such a pleasure to deal with Sabrina and Matt right from the beginning, they were punctual and just great people to get along with. We started our sessions in their amazing studio which was so comfortable and inviting. We had a great time doing theory and getting an in depth understanding to freediving. We were taught techniques and skills that we can take back to Australia and continue our freediving adventures. We were able to dive in some picturesque cenotes and have a time in some amazing locations. Sabrina was very supportive and provided us with a warm and enriching learning experience where we were able to build confidence and progress. Sabrina and Matt were very accommodating to our schedule and needs. She was constructive in her feedback as we honed in our skills and without such a great teacher to help calm myself in particular I doubt I would have made the progress I did. She was also very informative in making sure we understood what freediving is all about and how safe it can be when done correctly. We would recommend La Casa Surya to anyone and will most definitely be to our friends and family who are interested. It has been an inspiring and beautiful experience and we can’t speak highly enough of the training and Sabrina and Matt, Thank you so much!

  • Leo
    January 17, 2019 at 2:50 pm

    My Free Diving Course & Yoga Experience

    Sabrina was recommended to me by a fellow diver. We started communications 1.5 months before my visit. She responded to every message making my preparations easy. I arrived in Tulum Sabrina greeted me and help me navigate the city. The Free Diving course was 1 on 1 which made for an easy transition. Sabrina added additional things to the theory along with quizzes. The introduction to yoga for me was the most helpful thing she could have done. The static was a lot for me, the relaxation from yoga helped a lot. This was before my best diving course I’ve ever taken in the years. Sabrina is my go to for all that Free Diving & Yoga. I’m planning a return over Christmas holidays to take more
    Lessons with Sabrina.

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