Payout Terms and Policy

Our payout policy for Retreats and Venues is simple.

We have terms for first time retreat organisers and terms for verified retreat organisers.

For first time retreat organisers we payout 1 day after the retreat has started.

As we know the nature of the business we do allow for special circumstances. In this case we require a new retreat organiser to be verified.

Our verification process includes a submission of name, address and id(government issued). We will contact you for a video chat and we will contact the venue at which you plan to host the retreat.

We take the safety and security of our customers and retreat organisers very seriously and the above helps to ensure a beneficial experience and interaction for all parties.

Once you are verified. We payout 50% right away and the remaining 50% after the first day of the retreat. 

Payouts happen twice a month on the 1st and the 14th of the month.


In Summary:


1st time retreat organisers with Retreats and Venues:

Payout takes place 1 day after the retreat begins.


Verified with Retreats and Venues:

50% payout is allocated immediately and is paid out twice a month. The balance is paid one day post retreat beginning.


Verification Criteria:

– Submission of name and address.

– Submission of government issued id.

– Video Chat

– Retreats and Venues contact with the Retreat Venue.